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Step 2 - Make A Booking

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2 Easy Steps to Track Your Shipment

Thank you for booking your vehicle with us.  There is no Deposit required and you can cancel at any time without any cost.

 The advantage of booking early, is that our shipping is based on first come first served.  So if you have a booking with us, it’s basically a reservation and given priority when shipping out.

 For example, our Rail Cars can hold ten vehicles at a time.  So what happens if 11 customers show up at the same time to ship.  Therefore the ones, who have made the booking / Reservation first, would get their vehicle on the first train.

However this doesn’t happen very often that everyone shows up at the same time to ship, and if it does happen,  there’s usually another train in one or two days.

Once your vehicle is booked, we will send you additional information about your shipment and you are welcome to call us anytime at 604-520-1700

​Thank you

2 Easy Steps to Ship Your Car