2 - Easy Steps to Track Your Shipment

2 - Easy Steps to Ship Your Car


Vehicle(s) is/are shipped by Canadian rail companies as well as independent auto carriers. Insurance is provided by these companies when they are involved in the shipping process. Vehicle(s) is/are only insured while on the railcars, or in an Auto Carrier. It is the Customer’s responsibility to insure vehicle(s) while on the ground waiting to be shipped, and once it/they arrive(s) and is/are unloaded.

All vehicle(s) must be insured either independently or through a garage policy before shipment. If damages occur we will act on your behalf to settle all claims with the rail companies or Auto Carriers. If we are unable to file or settle a claim, the Customer is to file a claim through there own insurance company.

Rail or Auto Carrier Insurance does not cover any personal belongings left in vehicle(s) and any non-factory items. Personal items must be removed from vehicles before shipments. Any Personal items left in the vehicles will be removed at the Customers expense.

Travel times provided are based on average travel times from previous shipments. Weather conditions, track blockages, track repairs , rail repairs, and railway congestion, can cause delays. If a delay occurs, our agents can only provide an estimated time of arrival. Estimates can change daily depending on conditions.

Upon receiving your vehicle(s), you must advise us immediately if there is any damage. (604-520-1700) Only items noted at pick up or on delivery will be accepted for a claim, and no further claims can be made other than what was reported at this time. All Claims must be submitted to us in writing within 48 hours of receiving your vehicle.

Insurance is not liable for damages to any individual vehicle(s) which exceeds the lesser of actual vehicle repairs or the depreciated average wholesale value of the vehicle(s) based on the “Canadian Black Book” value of the vehicle(s) at time and place of shipping. Insurance does not cover rental vehicles while being repaired or delayed. All claims have a $500 deductible. Vehicles 7 years old or older, to be insured by the Customer’s Insurance for the entire duration of the shipment.

Items not covered by our insurance are, environmental pollution, bird droppings, acid rain, diesel exhaust, soot, mechanical defects, broken or lose parts caused by train vibration, exhaust systems, radio antennas, glass, week or defective parts, and any part of the under carriage. Not responsible for any damage under six-inch road clearance. Vehicles with large mirrors must have them removed before shipment. Side Mirrors, Glass or Windshields are not insured under our insurance as train vibration can cause them to crack or break. Not be liable for roof racks and off road floodlights.

Limitations of Liability: Shipper and its agents will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages, including without limitations, loss of revenue or profits which are based upon, arose out of or are connected with the contract or anything done or maintained hereunder of anything not done or maintained as required hereunder, even if such damages were foreseeable.

Force Majure: A party to this contract shall be excused from its contractual obligations if it is prevented or delayed in such performance by any events which are unavoidable or beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to Acts of God, Acts of the Queens enemies, floods, rockslides, snow slides, washouts, avalanches, storms, earthquakes, expropriation, fire or explosion, strikes, lockouts, walkouts, industrial disputes, war, sabotage, riot, insurrection, derailment, labor shortages, power or fuel shortages, or act of failure to act of any government or regulatory body. Snow covered or excessively dirty vehicles will not be insured for scratches or dents that could be hidden at the time of shipment. All Vehicles are subject to random searches by police. Shipper and its agents are not responsible for any vehicle(s) condition after being searched.