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1) East of Trudeau Airport take Hwy 20
2) Between First Avenue & Fourteenth Ave take the Norman Street exit. (You can only get to it heading west, so if you are coming from the airport go to First Ave, and then back track until you see the exit.)
3) Make a left turn when you get to Norman Street
4) Follow Norman Street to the very end. You will come to a traffic light that alternates traffic into one lane.
5) Continue past traffic light & go through the tunnel.
6) When you come out of the tunnel, make a sharp right turn.
7) Continue for about 300 meters and you will come to a fork in the road. Keep right and go over the railway tracks.
8) Continue on this winding road until it curves to the right and cross’s another set of tracks, at this point if you were to look straight ahead and a little to the right, you will see the compound. There’s also a sign that says CP Rail compound Used Car drop off area.
9) Once you have found the used car area, go to the left side of the compound and you will see a box attached to the fence. You will park your vehicle around there and lock it. You will then put the keys in the locked box on the fence. CP Rail employees come periodically through the day and move the vehicles to their main compound.

If you have any additional questions please call our office at (604-520-1700)

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Montreal Fast Railcar Moving Service

J. Simons Fast Vehicle Rail Transportation – Montreal Compound

Prior to dropping off your vehicle PLEASE prepare a full sheet of paper that states the following…

J. Simons, your destination (Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver) your name and a contact telephone number in case we need to call you.

This is the easiest way to explain how to get to our Montreal location

CP Rail Yard @ 5901 Westminster Avenue, Cote St. Luc, PQ H4W 2J9

2 Easy Steps to Ship Your Car